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Musings on Music and Amusia

So I’m reading this book, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, and the chapter I’m on is about amusia. Amusia means “without music.” It’s like color blindness, but for sound. Now I’m sure your thoughts jumped right to that old lady in church who can’t sing in tune to save her life (yet she sings louder than everyone else and always seems to be seated next to you)…yeah, we all know that lady. But tone deafness doesn’t even begin to cover it. These people actually cannot distinguish melodies, pitches, timbres, tones or rhythms. If you played Ravel’s “Bolero”, Ray Charles’ “Shake Your Tail Feather”, Celine Dion’s “I Will Go On” and Marylin Manson’s “Beautiful People” they would not be able to tell them apart. It’s all just noise. Some with amusia describe music as nothing more than pots and pans clanging together with no discernible cohesion. Read More — Musings on Music and Amusia

I Let My Dandelions Grow

It’s no big secret that I’m not so much a fan of doing yardwork, but alas it has to be done sometimes. It’s curious that I have a dislike for it though, because once I’m out doing it I enjoy it, and afterwards I feel good for having gotten it done. Anyways there is one thing that I really do enjoy about cutting the grass…it gives me about an hour to myself to just let my mind wander. No emails to answer, no phone calls, no TV, nobody to talk to, just a mindless task to occupy my hands and plenty of space for my imagination to roam. Occasionally on these little vacations from reality I have what I like to call “mower epiphanies.” Read More — I Let My Dandelions Grow