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Support Local Music, Host a House Concert

This week I was asked to perform at a house concert!  I really think this kind of event is the perfect thing for musicians and music-lovers.

Here’s how it works…

  • A host graciously offers their home up as a concert venue for family and friends (sometimes the general public as well).
  • The host secures a performer for the night (usually payment is offered from collecting a modest admission fee from guests)
  • The host can provide drinks/food or declare a BYOB
  • There’s a concert space prepared, usually a living room or backyard, with seating and a stage/performance area
  • The performer shows up early to mingle and set up
  • The music commences, typically a performer will play about 2 hours of music, mostly originals for the audience.
  • After the performance everyone sticks around for some socializing.

The difference between a house concert and a house party with a band is profound. At a house party the focus is usually on the eating, drinking, dancing and merry-making. The band is there to provide the beat and the energy, but is effectively little more than an expensive jukebox. This is not to say that playing private parties isn’t fun…they are a BLAST! But the focus on good times and  groovy beats isn’t always conducive to a songwriter’s more personal work. Read More — Support Local Music, Host a House Concert