Category: Food

The Foodie Perk

My album campaign has many cool perks available for our supporters. One of them is “The Foodie” and is a 4 course Italian meal to be home cooked by yours truly with a mini-concert and photo session to follow. To develop the menu and give the dinner a trial run I called on my friend…
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Attack of the Swedes

Well here it is…a new year and I haven’t posted since August. I guess it shows how busy being a new parent is. At this point Finn’s about 5 months old and he just got his second tooth. He’s saying syllables, dropping things on the floor and loving family cuddle time in the morning. Despite…
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Spicy Mango-Cranberry Pork Roast

Jenn and I love to¬†cook dinner for our friends. Last night we had Phil and Val over to meet Finn for the first time and I wanted to make an easy, mess-free, meal on the grill. So like all good culinary endeavors I headed to the grocery store to make some impulsive purchases. First thing…
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