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“Tim Cheesebrow’s lyrics come straight from the heart, possessing a poetic quality to them as they unfurl with such a graceful style. Nothing is held back for Tim Cheesebrow creates a unique universe, one that positively teems with goodwill and tenderness.”

– Beach Sloth, online music reviewer

Acoustic EP Album

“”Sweet, melodic songs with an uplifting message. I enjoyed listening.”

– Liz Longley

This is a 6 song album I made in my home studio. It’s a collection of some fan favorites re-imagined for acoustic guitar, bass and voice. 

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Crooked Lines

“[Crooked Lines is] an extremely well-crafted album, part Americana, part country, heartfelt and worth repeated listening.”

– Dancing About Architecture (Music Review Blog)

  • Best I Can by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Better This Way by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Crooked Line by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Give Love by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Headlines by Tim Cheesebrow
  • I’ll Carry You by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Lullabye by Tim Cheesebrow
  • No Regrets by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Sign Right Here by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Take My Hand by Tim Cheesebrow
  • The Big Score by Tim Cheesebrow
  • You Are My Everything by Tim Cheesebrow

$ 15

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Home in the Heartland

“The album is a classy blend of good production, well thought out lyrics, snappy rhythms, quality vocals, excellent guitar playing and a liberal dose of Great Lakes heart. I liked it a lot, and I’m betting you will too.”

– John C. McClure, Victory Music

  • Anything but One by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Breathing Grace by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Favorite by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Heroes by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Home by Tim Cheesebrow
  • It Didn’t Work Out That Way by Tim Cheesebrow
  • January Tree by Tim Cheesebrow
  • My Love Will Never Rest by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Open Wide by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Our Story by Tim Cheesebrow
  • Spread the Good Around by Tim Cheesebrow
  • The Greatest Divide by Tim Cheesebrow
  • The Minnesota Rag by Tim Cheesebrow
  • The Road that Leads Me Home by Tim Cheesebrow

$ 15

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“It’s hard to not be happy when you’re listening to Tim Cheesebrow–and easy to remember the things that matter most.”

– Peter Mayer


His latest album “Somebody, Somewhere” released Fall 2017. It’s a collection of driving beats and catchy tunes that ride the line between rock and country. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Tim brings a distictly mid-western sound to his songwriting; honest lyrics sung over big wide-open melodies and energetic grooves that will leave you saying “well now…that’s not too bad, don’chaknow?”

Tim has been performing for over 20 years. Using his degree in music composition from St. John’s University, five full-length solo albums, hundreds of shows performed annually, and an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s supporting a family of five with his lifelong passion for creating music. This foundation of experience allows him to help young people use songwriting to express themselves and promote wellness.

Tim founded Discover Music, a nonprofit that teaches middle and high school students how to write their own music. Songwriting is academically rigorous, socially engaging, and spiritually healing. His students learn to create music as a healthy way to process emotions and discover who they truly are.

He’s a steadfast advocate of the arts, education, and social justice causes. He loves to cook, play D&D, do woodworking projects, watch sci-fi, and is a voracious reader.

Tim is the author of Songwriting for Wellness: Using Music to Heal the Mind



In this business, you can’t make it alone. I’m lucky to share this creative journey with some amazing people and organizations!

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    7:00 Eden Prairie, MN
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I love performing live shows! There’s nothing quite like engaging with a crowd and making a real connection through music. These days you can catch me at several very cool venues, playing ALL ORIGNAL music. Nothing against cover bands. They’re fun too, but if you’ve heard enough renditions of “Hallelujah,” “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Wonderwall” try serving your ears something they haven’t heard before.

You might just like it.  So come to a show and introduce yourself!

“Live music is better.”

– Neil Young

What Folks Have To Say

“We can’t say enough about how impressed we were with Tim!

He was an incredibly talented musician who was able to accommodate our eclectic song requests and played them perfectly during the ceremony! He was always timely in his communication and kept a professional yet calm demeanor throughout our time working together in preparation and onsite for our wedding day. I would highly recommend Tim for any event as he knows how to read a crowd and gives valuable recommendations that only come through years of experience of playing events.

10 out of 10 would recommend!”

Steven Y.
Wedding Client

“A critically acclaimed Minnesota favorite…”

Kevin Krein
Writer, Northfield News

“I couldn’t be happier with our house concert experience. Tim was a true professional from beginning to end and that voice…it just hits you.  I  tell you we were all captivated by the depth of the songs and I left with just a great feeling of being …filled up.

It was perfect.”

John H.
House Concert Host

Songwriting Classes

We are in the middle of a mental health crisis. As a nation we are just beginning to understand the magnitude of the problem, but are struggling to find ways to address it. Songwriting is a tool we can provide for people right now to help them cope. They can develop a vocabulary and process to articulate what’s going on inside them. They can share their thoughts and feelings with peers, parents, teachers, friends, and advocate for their needs by communicating critical messages in a safe and healthy way. It’s not an intervention that requires a diagnosis. It’s a tool for self expression that EVERY person can benefit from.

It’s fun. It’s a healthy way to express yourself. It helps you feel better…and it’s highly effective.

Learning this process empowers them to act as their own healers. Songwriting is a mode of self-administered therapy they can apply whenever and however often they need to. Once they learn how to write songs to promote their own wellness, they have a tool they can carry with them their entire lives.


An unforgettable experience where Tim  writes a song with the class/group. In a single period, students are guided through the songwriting process and participates in a group sing-along of their song. A professional recording is made available online at no charge.


For maximum impact and student learning, Tim will partner with district staff to provide a full-term class aligned with state standards in Fine Arts.


A truly powerful series of 12 visits where students are encouraged to dig deep and (with guidance) write their own songs as they learn about music theory, rhythm, rhyme, musical structure, storytelling, and self expression.


Tim walks students, song by song, through a journey that demonstrates the bond between creative expression and mental health.

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