This is the website for Tim Cheesebrow’s music. If you’re unfamiliar with his tunes you can expect folky, memorable melodies, interesting guitar work, thoughtful lyrics and a down-to-earth sound that couldn’t have come from anywhere but the heartland of the midwest.

Please listen to the tunes, download them if you like them, come and see a show, and by all means connect via email, facebook and twitter. Tim’s always eager to meet new friends.

New Album Reviews

I recently got two reviews for Home in the Heartland from two of the nicest and most talented artists you’ll meet.
Their kind words mean a lot to me.

It’s hard to not be happy when you’re listening to Tim Cheesebrow–and easy to remember the things that matter most. “Home in the Heartland” is another wonderful collection with a great variety of heartfelt, authentic songs, and rich, tasteful production. Thanks again Tim!”
- Peter Mayer, Prominent Minnesota Singer/Songwriter (www.blueboat.net)”

“Sweet, melodic songs with an uplifting message. I enjoyed listening.”
- Liz Longley (www.lizlongley.com/)

Thanks a lot Liz and Pete!

Winter Concert at Studio J

Join Mike Haldorson and I at the Loft @ Studio J for a concert with wine, appetizers, old friends and new ones.

Mike, also known as Haldy, plays a mean guitar and knows how to craft a tune.  
As one of the statesmen of the Twin Cities music scene, Haldy has lent his smooth guitar riffs to several area bands. He’s breaking new ground as a solo performer, but he’s quickly establishing himself as an artist worthy of attention. His music connects with listeners from a variety of genres. You can expect to hear sounds of your favorite artists ranging from Ray Wylie Hubbard to Ray LaMontange to Mike Doughty.

With a voice that lilts with boozy, gravely huskiness, and guitar riffs worthy of your favorite blues album, the end result is a sound that will have you swaying, drink in hand, saying, “I dig that.”


I’ll be joined on stage by Dan Newton!
Here’s what you’re in for.

It’s going to be a great night and I hope you’re able to join us for a night out!
Tickets are $15 for food and a show. Cash bar will be available. Perfect excuse for a date.

Thanksgiving special, 2 for $25
$15 – Enter Quantity Below

Bringing it All Back Home

So, after 9 months of hard work I got to swaddle my baby in a sleeve made of lined notebook paper and walked out of those glass doors to take this little bundle of joy home. Since then I’ve been spinning it around, playing with it, and just enjoying the simple experience of listening to the little noises it makes. It’s been such a huge part of my life preparing for its arrival I find myself not knowing what to do with it now that it’s here.

I’m speaking, of course, about my new album ‘Home in the Heartland.’

Enjoy, my friends. It’s the work of many talented individuals and many generous supporters.


Singin’ Dixie

Things are moving along nicely with the production of Home in the Heartland. In addition to finishing bass, accordion and percussion we’ve been working on the arrangement for dixieland band on “The Greatest Divide.” This work was undertaken by an ESS intern, Brett Schimke of Papa Lion Productions. We’re scheduling time for the Jack Brass Band to come record it for us!

The Greatest Divide

Here’s a link to the MIDI file for those who don’t have a brass band handy to play this sheet music for them.

The Greatest Divide MIDI

65 Roses – A Benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation



On Sunday June, 9th at the Pourhouse in Downtown, Minneapolis McTerry Music and Cities 97 present a fantastic lineup of Minnesota musicians performing on three stages to help raise funds and awareness for the deadly childhood disease Cystic Fibrosis. There will also be an art show and silent auction showcasing Minnesota artists who have donated their time and artwork.The all ages event will also include kids games and activities so there is something for everyone. The good people at the Pourhouse and the Pour-a-booza festival have worked really hard to help make this event happen. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the event will be donated directly to the Minnesota Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.

Featuring performances by:

The Honeydogs
Retribution Gospel Choir
The Color Pharmacy
The Attley Project
Story Of The Sea
Lake Avenue
Bigtree Bonsai
Actual Wolf
Jenny Dalton
Taj Raj
Micheal Shynes
Breanne Marie
Marcus Lere
Tim Cheesebrow

For more information check out the event website:

Advance tickets available exclusively here:


Sponsored by:

Cities 97
MFR/Afternoon Records
Surly Beer
Guitar Center
Summit Beer
McTerry Music
Statusfear Media


I’m on a bill with the Honeydogs at an event sponsored by cities97 and summit/surly beer and guitar center…..woah. That’s awesome. You should come. 


Fun in Union Depot

After Friday’s gig Ty, Dan and I went to the Union Depot in St. Paul to have some photography fun.

Dan took pictures of my guitar in a baby stroller for some reason.

But then we took some cool HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos of me playing on a bench. It’s not perfectly sharp because I had to sit perfectly still for 20 seconds for one of the exposures….that’s impossible.



Looks pretty darn cool though, huh?

This is what we do instead of going to the bar.

Then I took it into photoshop to play some more…



Now I think that’s a photo worthy of a concert poster someday, don’t you?


When I say ‘we’, I am talking, of course, about all the wonderful people that are supporting my album project. When I say ‘did it’ I’m talking about making the goal of $5,500 to record my second album. You may have heard me mention the project once or twice.

Things really kicked into high gear when I posted this motivational video:


In a few short days so many people began to respond and support the project  that I was quite literally having trouble keeping up with all the thank you messages. It was a moving experience to see just how many people got behind the project and said “your music is worth investing in.”

So the big question is “What am I going to do with all that money now?” Well…see I planned this little trip to the Caribbean. So see you later, suckers!


No, not really.


I’ve got a very tight budget to follow. Starting next week I’ll be putting down the scratch tracks. Scratch tracks are the ‘throw away’ guitar and vocal tracks that I put down to the annoyingly consistent sound of a metronome. This will be my world for a few days


Then I’ll sit down with my producer to determine how we should shape each of the songs, which parts to add, which instruments, where we should bring things in or out, and add any melodic or harmonic lines/rhythms that will make the song come alive. We will send out the songs to the appropriate players with chord charts and instructions and they will make up some parts. Once they have some solid ideas we get them in the studio and record what they came up with, tweak it, and keep working it until we all feel good about it.

Then the experience of the sound engineer really comes into play as we mix and master the tracks, mixing being the art of blending all the tracks to achieve one cohesive sound that doesn’t make one part stick out or fade into the background too much, and mastering is the even crazier art of taking that overall blend of tracks and balancing the individual frequencies of sound to have a pleasing shape to the ear. It’s an amazing process to watch. These guys will listen to a track and say “I think the 12-14 KHz range needs to come down by about .75 decibels.” I couldn’t have told you that, but when they’re done doing all their magic the track sounds a whole lot better!

After all that I’ll create packaging for the CD and start working on duplication. When I have a bunch of discs in hand I’ll start working on putting together all the reward packages…the CD’s, T-Shirts, Artwork, parties, and such.

On top of getting the album recorded I’ve now got

Music Videos: Favorite and The Greatest Divide

A Promo Video: 1-minute project summary

A Podcast Interview: ComposerQuest Interview

A nice Article: On the Rechord Interview

A funny BlahgBlah, Blah, Blahg

A Food Blog Write up: Tokyo Terrace “Foodie” Menu and My Blog “Foodie” Menu

Free Preview Downloads: Favorite and The Greatest Divide CODE: uxxua

All of these things are going to be great for helping to move my career forward. This is how music careers get made.

It’s going to be a fun summer with all of you: celebrating, sharing the work, and most of all saying “THANK YOU” for helping me get this album recorded. I couldn’t do it without you. You guys and gals are the absolute BEST!!!